Undress me

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Following on from my earlier post by Tatia Pilieva showing the charm and awkwardness of a first kiss, here is a follow-up called, Undress Me. I know all the stories about the subjects being actors but just take this on face value and enjoy more awkwardness.

Scott KuperusUndress me

Starting a journal

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It’s well known that keeping a journal can improve your emotional well-being and even personal success. Despite many influential people keeping diaries and numerous articles saying why you should keep a journal, I’ve had a few false starts and never managed to stay the course. I’m going to give it …

Scott KuperusStarting a journal

Work in progress

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As you can see (if you’ve been here before!) that the appearance is somewhat different. Well, I am in process of redesigning the who feel of this site. Now I know that good practice should be to complete the redesign before going live but I am going to make this …

Scott KuperusWork in progress

First Kiss

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This a beautiful short film by Tatia Pilieva where she took 20 strangers and asked them to kiss. Simple. There is a bit of a discussion surrounding the authenticity of the strangers but don’t study it too much, just enjoy the beautiful awkward charm of it.

Scott KuperusFirst Kiss

Be more productive with your email

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This is a slightly amended guide to mastering your email, I wrote for some colleagues. I hope you find it useful and there is a link to a PDF version at the end of the post. Email is the double-edged sword of office productivity, it empowers us yet overwhelms us …

Scott KuperusBe more productive with your email