True Detective


I am not normally a fan of TV crime dramas as they tend to be formulaic or pretty predictable so I was hesitant in buying HBO’s 8-part series, True Detective, however when I heard someone say it was ‘deep and dark’ I thought I would take a chance. And what a choice! This is by and far one of the best things I have seen on the small screen in a long time. I watch my TV series by buying the box sets rather than as they are broadcast and I was torn between racing through this and drawing it …

How I work – Scott Kuperus

How I work

A long time ago on a blog far, far away (and now long gone), I wrote a post how I used my Moleskine notebooks to track my notes and to-dos all religiously following the edicts of Getting Things Done. This all achieved with some marker pens and sticky tabs. While that worked reasonably well, it has not been until now that I have become truly happy and productive with my kit set-up, apps and methods for working. In the spirit of sharing (no yawning at the back), I am going to try and put together a couple of posts that …

Undress me


Following on from my earlier post by Tatia Pilieva showing the charm and awkwardness of a first kiss, here is a follow-up called, Undress Me. I know all the stories about the subjects being actors but just take this on face value and enjoy more awkwardness.

Starting a journal


It’s well known that keeping a journal can improve your emotional well-being and even personal success. Despite many influential people keeping diaries and numerous articles saying why you should keep a journal, I’ve had a few false starts and never managed to stay the course. I’m going to give it another go but from a different angle and with new tools. I’m regularly frustrated at work but people who can say, “Well, on the 13th of January there was a phone call…..”. I’ve never had a good memory for such time markers and more of a detail and concept type. …

Work in progress

As you can see (if you’ve been here before!) that the appearance is somewhat different. Well, I am in process of redesigning the who feel of this site. Now I know that good practice should be to complete the redesign before going live but I am going to make this a work in progress otherwise it would never happen as I get overly critical. I had hoped to complete this rather discreetly over a couple of days but it will be longer than that due to other commitments, hence this post asking for a little patience. This site will always …